Historical Trust


At a public meeting on Thurs 4 Oct Historic Hilton Trust ( HHT ) was re established, with an elected list of Trustees and Office Bearers.
HHT was formed back in 2001 as a body who fought successfully for the base of the Hilton Stone to remain in the Village where it was found,
thereafter that battle being fought and won the trust was then effectively in abeyance until now.
Hopefully the re constituted HHT will rise from the ashes of abeyance like the legendary Phoenix to successfully embrace fresh challenges and objectives.
The immediate priority is to get the Trust officially registered / recognised and to meet with Ross shire Voluntary Action Group so we can understand our responsibilities as Trustees , also
better understand any liability issues and to take out necessary insurance cover.
The aim of the HHT is to promote all things historical in Hilton and in particular the Pictish / Christian history of the Hilton Stone and Chapel Site.
We will also fully engage with and participate in the promotion of the Pictish Trail with the other local Trust Groups, hoping eventually to become one of the major attractions.
One of the longer term objectives is to perform an Archeological Dig on the Chapel Site, recognising that this would be of major local, national and International interest.
This would require significant funding , partnering with Archeological Bodies and also to gain the necessary regulatory approvals.
We have been in contact with a number of Archeological Bodies to discuss our objectives and to glean information of due process in this area.
We will issue a newsletter update in the next issue of Seaboard News.
PS : Info , Channel 5 recently visited the Hilton Stone and then Tarbat Discovery Centre as part of a programme on Historic Sites, this is due for screening spring next year.
Any questions in the meantime feel free to call myself on the numbers below
Hugh Skinner ( Chairman HHT )
Mob : 078100 76549


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