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Hilton of Cadboll Primary School is situated on the Seaboard peninsula behind the villages of Hilton, Balintore and Shandwick. Pupils also come from outlying areas as far as Nigg and Balmuchy. We aim to provide our pupils with a stimulating learning environment which is supported by an ethos of encouraging achievement and celebrating success. We actively promote partnership between home, school and the wider community and are supported by parents through School Board/Parents Council.

11/12/18 – S. Bain advised that fundraising continued, and that the school had been busy preparing for Christmas Ceilidh. (The ceilidh was held in the Seaboard Hall and was packed to the doors with parents, grandparents and extended families. The children of Hilton Primary School should be extremely proud of what they have achieved through music and dance. The concert was a great success.)

NB advised that the school path had been worked on by the Highland Council and that the water had been drained away etc., NB will be in contact with HC to identify further possible works at this part of the pathway to provide adequate drainage.

20/11/18 – The Hilton of Cadboll Parent Council is open to all parents, carers and guardians of Children attending the school and nursery. Next Meeting: Wed 16th January 2019. Quiz night 30/11/18 – 6.30pm in school.
S. Bain reported that the group meet twice a term – Fund raising is ongoing. Issues were still raising concerns with parking at the school, drop off and pick up times. FR commented that a Road Safety Team inspection had been done of the road and that was when barriers etc were installed.

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