Hilton Community Task Force

20/11/18 – Hugh Skinner – Due to winter months there will be limited activity. The group are actively seeking funding for future works.

Community Task Force TF1-Hilton)

A Bit of Corner Craic and Culture.
Hilton Corner over the years has been the main meeting place of the village to socialise and “get the craic”. Many international, national, and local issues were resolved there. Hugh Skinner remembers ceilidhs being held at the corner and families ‘dancing in the street’!
Who are the Task Force: They are a group of volunteers, who are offering their time to clean up Hilton Village, complete Projects & raise funds.

Fundraising First of all, a BIG THANK YOU to the residents of Hilton who have supported the initiative through donations and turning out in the pouring rain to attend the first Corner BBQ which raised a magnificent £420 (Sterling) (including donations.)
This funding will be used to buy the necessary materials for the larger projects.
Projects completed so far … CaMerran, Babacks Roadie, Coastal Path, Hilton Corner and Hilton Brae verge were all strimmed and cleared. Whins causing a fire hazard were cut back around oil tank at Seaboard Hall and the Corner and Porst seats were sanded and painted.
We celebrated the completion of the Ca Merran by an official opening by Mrs Jean Macdonald (sponsor for that Project). To mark the event Alistair Mackay (aged 9), Jack Macleod (aged 10), Hugh Skinner and Kelvin Skinner (?? bigger kids) did the bike run from the top.
Hugh recalls coming down the Ca Merran with a bag of tatties under the bar from the “Laquoo”, so “this was a dawdle’… Sandra wasn’t convinced and had NHS 24 emergency number to hand.
The future … Hilton “Scotland in Bloom” winners, who knows, anything is possible, its up to YOU!

July 2018 – R. Balfour tidied up the John Ross Memorial (Balintore) – this was weeded and lined ready for new gravel to be spread. Donald Bain (Hilton) donated 1 ton of gravel which was very much appreciated. John Smith very kindly sprayed weeds around the ‘Sheddie’. Norma and Ross Balfour tidied up the flower tubs at the Seaboard Hall. Many thanks to the Tain Task Force who donated left over flowers to fill the tubs at the Hall with. The Gala BBq donated towards the painting of the ‘Sheddie in time for the Seaboard Gala taking place on the 11th August 2018.

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