Approved Minutes 8 Feb 2021

Balintore & Hilton Community Council

Minutes of meeting held 8th February 2021 7pm by Zoom


Jenny McCann (JM) Chair

Norma Balfour (NB)

Brian Gallagher (BG) Treasurer

Alastair Gill (AG), Minute secretary                                  

Maureen Ross (MR) secretary

May Ross (May R)

Louise Johnston (LJ)

Apologies :      Leighanne Hodkin (LH) 

Item Action
1.Jenny McCann (JM) Chair welcomed everybody to the third BHCC Zoom meeting. This is a minuted meeting and recorded through zoom. Next meeting 13TH April 2021, 7pm  All   JM
2.Apologies – David Macrae, Alistair Rhind    To Note
3. Previous Minutes – Accepted and agreed.All
4. Matters arising – Twenty’s Plenty signage Signs have now been purchased and locations agreed. Now waiting on Highland Council to erect signs. NB has emailed FR and we are just waiting to here back when the HC will be putting up the signs. There are no signs planned for “The Scheme”. It was agreed that the residents should be consulted on what traffic calming measures they would prefer.  No information received from the BDRG regarding the public consultation put out via the newsletter.  Email received from Jenny Tattersall regarding the speeding of vehicles in Hilton of Cadboll. Jenny suggested having sleeping Policeman installed. BHCC agreed to wait and see if the signs make a difference. BHCC is encouraging anybody who witnesses speeding or dangerous driving to report it to the Police or a member of the CC.        NB, BG 
5.Fly Posting –  JM raised the issue of fly posting. There has been a significant rise in the flyposting of stickers and leaflets on lampposts and signs within the villages. Highland Council have been informed and have made it clear that anyone caught could face a fine of £250. FR suggested the BHCC approach the local papers and make the public aware of how much the removal of stickers costs the taxpayer. BHCC Facebook page to cover the issue.  JM 
6. Fearn Station – No further update. £5000 of work to commence on the Fearn Station platform to provide step up platforms. This funding will provide stop and go markers and steps. No disabled access will be provided.     NB 
7. Funding Foundation Scotland Grant Funding only to be used by BHCC for website. Other possible use of funding has been ruled out. It was agreed that the existing website is good and could be enhanced and developed further. The funding is to be used to enhance the current website. JM to manage and administer the site going forward. It was agreed to use the funding for this purpose. Cost of upgrade is £366 per year.         JM     
8. .Police Report – No report.  Nothing of note to report throughout the BHCC area.     All
9.Planning – No planning applications to discuss. Harbour toilet refurbishment will now provide one disabled toilet and two uni-sex toilets situated on the existing site. Bottle banks will remain in situ.  Some residents in Shandwick are concerned with the possibility of planning permission going in for houses in Shandwick. So far there is no planning application in for this. It was commented that this might have formed part of the Moray Firth Development Plan. 15-20 years ago planning was granted in principal for houses to be built within the Park Street area.  All
10. TDDT – David Macrae (Community Liaison Officer) Easter-ross Peninsula branding guidelines have been sent out to all CCs. It was agreed by the BHCC to include the branding on the new web site. It has been well received and the TDDT would like the branding to be used by all community groups on all communications.  All
11Meeting closed at 8.30 The meeting ended abruptly after the allotted time of 40 mins. BHCC to look at purchasing a licence for the use of Zoom.   Meeting Dates – 1900 Start (unless stated otherwise) 13th April 2021All
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