BHCC Approved Minutes 24 May 2022

Tuesday 24 May 2022 7pm 
Via zoom

AG welcomed members to the meeting including Sarah Rawlings, who was elected Councillor in the recent bi election

AG (Alastair Gill)
BG (Brian Gallagher)
MR (May Ross)
JM (Jennifer McCann)
Dave Macrae TDDT
Cllrs Loudon, Rawlings, Rhind

3. Apologies
Absent LH due to a bereavement, sincere condolences were sent from the CC.

4. Approval of last minutes, unanimously approved. 

5. Matters arising 
Action – MR to send a copy to Helen Ross.

6. Police Report 
AG had circulated an email containing a brief rundown as follows
Careless driving
A few noisy parties
Several “Concern for person” calls
2 calls about domestic abuse.

7. Planning
AG had circulated details of Planning and Building Warrants. It was mentioned at the meeting that work is being undertaken at the harbour, full details are not known at the time of meeting. 

8. TDDT Report from Dave MacRae was welcomed by members. 

9. Defibrillator – Training etc
A training night will take place on 15 June for 16 people. 
The fundraising has been very successful. Thanks to everyone involved and the generous donations received.

10. Funding for 2022
An AGM will be held on 7 June after which application will be made for funding. 

11. Beach Flag
AG had circulated an email attaching a letter from Pat Rae to N&SCC seeking the reinstatement of the Blue Flag for Shandwick Beach. Members agreed to support Pat with her submission if need be.

12. Community Group Update
No community updates were available. Various events took place 
*Fisherfolk Festival
*Opening of John Ross Museum
* Hilton Historic Trust held an event at the stone. 

13. Balintore Football/facilities Etc
It was agreed to give BFC £100 donation.

14. AOB 

*Cllr Rawlings to contact Gary Urquhart at the Highland Council regarding the “ flashing face” sign.
*it was agreed to carry on meeting via zoom meantime. 

Date of next meeting 
5 July 7pm via zoom. 

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