Community Council Elections 2019

Community Councils Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils
Community Councils are voluntary organisations that express the views and concerns of local people within their area across a wide range of issues from new buildings and roads to local services and facilities.
The Election Office is responsible for running the Community Council elections, which must be held every 4 years. Elections for Community Councils in Highland will take place across the area this autumn.
The notice of Election for Candidates wishing to serve their local Community Council’s in the Highlands for the next four years will be published on Monday, 23 September 2019 and a copy of the Nomination Pack will be published here. The deadline for submitting nomination papers is 12noon on Tuesday, 8 October 2019.

Election Timetable can be viewed here:

Those wishing to stand as Candidate must be over 16 years of age; a registered voter; and reside within the boundary of the Community Council
Please contact the electoral registration office on 01463 703341 or email to check if you are a registered voter.
The maximum membership of each of the 154 Highland Community Councils is determined by the population it serves and varies from 7 to 13 members. For more information on the roles and responsibilities of a community councillor, please see our Community Council page. A ballot will be held in instances where the number of nominations exceeds the maximum membership.

Copy of the BHCC signed Constitution.

Guidance for CCs on Recording of Meetings-Oct 2018.

BHCC website – I have had loads of fun and learnt a lot putting this website together. A big thanks to Coral and Suzanna, who helped me get started.. A very special thanks to Jenny for providing instant help when I got ‘stuck’.

Thanks also to the Seaboard Camera Club who have provided some of their photos to share on the Gallery.  If you would like your picture to appear in the Gallery it must be related to the villages of Balintore, Hilton and Hilton of Cadboll please email to me jpeg format (medium size)

Norma Balfour, Secretary BHCC

09/12/2018 – Congratulations to Balintore and District Residents Group on their successful application to the Highland Cross.




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