BHCC 3 August 2021 Approved Minutes

Balintore & Hilton Community Council

Minutes of meeting held 3rd of August 2021 7pm by Zoom


Jenny McCann (JM) Chair

Brian Gallagher (BG) Treasurer

Alastair Gill (AG), Minute secretary                                  

May Ross (MR) Community Group Liason 

Leighanne Hodgkins (LH)

Derek Louden (Councillor)                         

Apologies: Louise Johnston, Alistair Rhind, Fiona Robertson,  Dave Macrae(TDDT) 

Item Action
1.Jenny McCann (JM) Chair welcomed everybody to the sixth  BHCC Zoom meeting. This is a minuted meeting with minutes available on the BHCC website. It was agreed to keep using ZOOM to hold CC meetings.   All    
2.Apologies – Noted above     To Note
3. Previous Minutes – Accepted and agreed.All
4. Matters arising – TDDT (Tain and District Development Trust) Easter-ross Peninsula website branding group now disbanded. A new Tourist Working Group is requiring volunteers from Community Councillors. The group will be looking at the current issues facing tourism and the issues that are currently being reported. AG volunteered on behalf of the BHCC.     DM 
5.Accounts –   Accounts for 2020-21 approved and verified. Thank you to Veronica for all her valuable help.    BG 
6. Defibrillator Defib has now been delivered and installed. Equipment and fob to be uplifted from the Chemist. LH agreed to do this.     Kierans legacy looking for other local communities who might benefit from a Defib. St Duthus FC have received a DEFIB.   Training to be arranged for the DEFIB. Training to be arranged and to include St Duthus FC.     ALL  
7. Community Group Updates BRDG no update received. Refer to recent news drop  Seaboard Hall no update received.   

Community Polytunnel Group No update

Seaboard Cares (Alice Smith) Seaboard Cares have not been able to have face to face board meeting due to the Covid restrictions. However, like the CC they will be meeting soon on Zoom to take forward some plans for the coming months. The monthly drop in will resume on the 6th of September in the SBH Cafe at 2.30pm. They have been keeping in contact with our older participants to ensure they are safe and well and look forward to being with them soon. At this current time they have been unable to fundraise in the normal ways due to the pandemic restrictions. They will be discussing this issue at their next board meeting.       
JM / MR     
8. Planning –  Glenmorangie Planning Application discussed. Environmental Impact Assessment to be circulated. Dormer and balcony to be constructed at 12 King St, HiltonAll
9.Police Report –  Police Scotland to be contacted regarding issuing of a CC report. MR
10AOB –  Seagull carcasses found on both Balintore and Hilton. Protected species and residents are encouraged not to feed them.  Reports of houses, within the housing estate in Balintore, subsiding and floor levels dropping. DL to take the lead on this and discuss it with HC. A Structural Engineer has visited a property and confirmed the issues. HC to be contacted to confirm remedial works.  Twenty’s Plenty signage – HC have no resources available to erect the signs at the moment. Not a priority issue. An alternative resource to be looked at. AG to report back. Funding to be looked at for more signs. Balintore Estate is a priority.  Seaboard Hall Tennis courts are in a poor state of repair. Grass not being cut and fencing needs replaced. it was agreed that the Seaboard Hall should approach Sport Scotland for funding. £41,000 is needed to re-surface the court area. DL mentioned Sport Scotland funding could be made available.  Post Office – no reply back from CJ Lang. CJ Lang confirmed POs are closing down for financial reasons. No official correspondence confirming the closure. There has been local interest in having a Community Post Office.     ALL
10. Meeting closed at 8.10pm Meeting Dates – 1900 Start (unless stated otherwise) Tuesday 28TH of September 2021 – ZOOM   All
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