Approved Minutes 24 November 2021

EGM Balintore & Hilton Community Council

Minutes of meeting held 24TH of November 2021 7pm by Zoom


Alastair Gill (AG) Minute secretary / Chair

Brian Gallagher (BG) Treasurer

May Ross (MR) Community Group Champion

Leighanne Hodkins (Defib Champion)

 Jenny McCann  

Fiona Robertson (CC)

Alasdair Rhind (CC)

Derek Louden                         

Laura Dundas (MOP)

Julie Ann Simms (MOP)

Apologies: Leighanne Hodkins


Item Action
1.Welcome – AG welcomed everyone to the meeting. Good to see the three Councillors in attendance. All    
2.Apologies – Leighanne Hodkins    To Note
3. Minutes of Previous Meeting – Approved  ALL
4. Christmas – Trees have been paid for. Lights will go up when time allows and volunteers can help.      ALL
5.Planning –   No planning applications for consideration in our ward.  ALL
6. Finances – Signatories to be amended to AG and MR. Currently BG and JM are signatories. Further signatories required. Donation to be made towards the Christmas Light switch on. £50 agreed. Zoom licence in place for two years.    BG / ALL
7. Defib Update – Training to be arranged with Kieran’s Legacy. Defibs are on the “Circuit” Regular checks to be confirmed.    ALL / LH     
8. Community Groups Update – MR has contacted various local groups however no updates were received.  MR
9.Police Report – Yet again we have not received a report from the Police. Chair will email again, and FR has agreed to try and contact Police Scotland for further information.  AG / FR
10AOCB – MOP (JAS) the public joined the meeting and discussed the ongoing traffic concerns within the Balintore area. Specifically the area from the Spar Shop , Main Street, John Street. The residents directly affected feel very strongly and the point was well communicated regarding children’s safety.  DL joined the conversation, with the speed survey findings, which did not show accurate details of excessive speeds within the area mentioned.  The HC have plans to implement 20MPH zones within several Highland communities however the BH area is not deemed a priority.   AR answered the MOP comments in an abrupt and direct manner clearly stating that there were no accidents therefore there were no traffic issues. There has been previous correspondence between AR and the MOP. Parked cars were mentioned as a “traffic calming measure” this was disputed by other members of the CC. It was added that in fact there had been an accident involving School Children and a car. Police were contacted.   It was agreed with the input of FR that a site meeting was to be arranged with the local HC Roads Dept. There were a few ideas mentioned which would be discussed at the site meeting.  The CC agreed that this issue should be taken very seriously and would do what it could to ensure that the residents concerns are heard and will continue to liaise with local Cs and Police on the ongoing safety concerns.  MOP – LD asked if there was anything planned for the Christmas Lights switch on and if the CC would mind if others did. CC had no problems in allowing others to go ahead with an event and agreed to donate towards the costs.    
12. Meeting closed at 7.25PM Next Meeting Dates:  Tuesday 18TH of January 2022 @ 7pm via ZOOM Tuesday 2nd of March 2022 @ 7pm via ZOOM       
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