Fundraising for Seaboard Defibrillators

Within the Seaboard Villages, we have two defibrillators, one located at the Balintore Chemist and the other at the Seaboard Hall. The Community Council are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Seaboard Hall defibrillator with a charity called Kieran’s Legacy kindly providing some support to the Chemist defibrillator. 

The Community Council meet the costs required to keep the Seaboard Hall defibrillator in service and available to the community 24/7. This involves yearly maintenance costs and also replacement parts when the unit is used. Each set of new pads costs between £70 and £80.

Over the next few weeks, we will be actively trying to raise funds for the ongoing costs and you will see us out and about fundraising for this worthy cause.

Every member of the community benefits from access to a defibrillator and we hope you will consider supporting us in their maintenance and upkeep.

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