Housing Complaints

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The BHCC has been alerted to complaints about severe structural issues with tenant’s housing.

We have raised the issue with Local Councillor Derek Louden at the last Community Council meeting, MP Jamie Stone and MSP Maree Todd. 
Jamie Stone has offered to write a support letter to the Highland Council. Maree Todd is yet to respond.

There is a capital works programme that was stalled (due to Covid) however they are back to work now and working on the backlog. 

Phone Highland Council on 01349 886602 to request a repair.

Before you request a repair:

  • Use the repairs book you got when you started your tenancy to describe the repair
  • You may have to pay for a repair – Charges for repairs

Read HC policy on repairs.

Emergency repairs

Phone 01349 886691. We only act where there is a serious risk to health and safety or where there is potential for serious damage to the property.

Gas leaks

Do not ring us – phone National Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111 999 (minicom textphone number: 0800 371 787).

  • Use a phone outside your home to avoid the risk of sparking an explosion 
  • Turn off the gas at the mains and open windows 
  • Do not smoke, light a match, use a lighter or switch anything electrical on or off until the problem is fixed.

Electricity power cuts

Phone Scottish Hydro Electric on 0800 300 999.


Find your rights as a tenant on the link below. 


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