Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

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A new service that signposts both individuals and communities to trusted services of mental health support has been launched during Mental Health Awareness Week.

Mental Health Awareness Week – Monday 10-16 May sets to raise awareness and encourage people to ask for help.  This week is a great opportunity for reflection, to talk and to support one another during a mentally testing period in our lives.

The new signposting support service – launched by The Highland Community Planning Partnership’s Mental Health Delivery Group in which The Highland Council is a key partner – aims to raise awareness of where people can get help in a crisis and how to develop skills and confidence to allow more open and frequent conversations about mental health.

Councillor Linda Munro, Chair of Highland Council’s Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Committee said: “This year’s Mental Health Awareness theme of ‘nature’ is a fitting focus as we begin to recover from lockdown.  Connecting with nature can help us to feel calm and bring a bit more perspective to things and while it can’t solve all problems it can promote positive emotions.

“Studies indicate that a substantial number of UK adults experience improved mental health by being immersed in nature and while that’s true it’s also true many people do not live within easy access of green, leafy spaces but we do all live under the same sky with fresh winds to blow away the cobwebs, pictures to be found in billowing cloud formations and starry skies that go on forever.  All of these we have and everyone should have equal access to the best mental health advice and support available.”

She added: “By supporting and recognising Mental Health Awareness Week, we are able to increase our understanding of Mental Health and its impact on our lives. Now more than ever many more people are experiencing additional stresses and uncertainty because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This means many of us across the region are likely to be feeling the effects of reduced Mental Health for the first time.  It is vitally important that people know where to access reliable resources that can offer reassurance and help keep people safe in time of crisis or when their mental health and wellbeing requires support.”

The Highland Partnership Mental Health and Wellbeing Delivery group have developed resources which primarily signposts individuals and communities to trusted sources of support for mental health and wellbeing including: where to get help in a crisis; resources/weblinks to support our mental wellbeing; and learning tools to build skills and confidence in conversations about mental health and suicide prevention.

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Further information on connecting with nature for mental health and wellbeing as part of Green Health Week is available at:

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