Balintore Seaside Swings Removal

woman on swing

The Highland Council are removing the Balintore seaside swings.

The Annual Play Inspector from the Highland Council has said;

“Safety surfacing is insufficient to provide protection against injury from falling (Cat 2 (a))

Ingrid Jamieson, Amenities Officer said, “Therefore we will need to take down the swing seats until the play bark can be topped up.”

The Senior Ward Manager Helen Ross says that funding has been allocated for bark and hopes to have the swings reinstated as soon as possible.

Balintore is not the only area to lose swings. Tain and other areas are affected.

The Balintore Hilton Community Council have asked for more information on this and timescales involved. We will report back as soon as we know more.

You can sign the petition here if you feel strongly about this.

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