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There has been a real increase in the amount of ‘fly-posting’ in the villages and surrounding areas in the last few months. These tend to be of a political nature although they are not exclusively so.

Stickers and posters have been placed on lamp-posts, tourists signs and even our village signs. The Shandwick Stone sign has had three stickers in as many months.

These are really costly to remove and leave a sticky, messy residue behind.

This was discussed at the last BHCC meeting on 8th February 2021 where most were in agreement that they were not a positive addition to the villages.

Fiona Robertson, Local Councillor also mentioned how costly they had been to remove in Tain.

Fly-posting is an offence in the same way as fly-tipping and can attract a fine of £250.

The BHCC is looking at ways to raise awareness of this issue so that those who fly-post fully understand the implications and are aware of the costs that their actions incur.

If anyone sees fly-posting, please report this to the BHCC here.

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